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About Us

When choosing A Sharper Image as your facility services professional, our goal is to improve your business operations, create predictable business outcomes and help create a clean and hygienic facility.  A Sharper Image has been pioneering facility management, property maintenance services, and commercial cleaning for many years.  At the core of our operation is a community-minded culture driven by dedicated teammates to satisfy your requests.

We are a licensed and insured facility service provider committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Michael Sills


Michael has been in the janitorial industry for over 18 years. During that time he has helped customers improve their cleaning programs and implement new innovations. His ideas have positively impacted their operations and offered overall budget reductions. 


Michael is excited to bring a new and fresh perspective to the Cleaning Industry in Arkansas with his company, A Sharper Image. When he isn't building a successful cleaning company, you can find Michael either spending time with his family or training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 


"We strive to create a company that values not only our client partners, but also our employees. Without them we could not be successful. They're our ambassadors to the community and provide the high-quality and professional work that allows your business to shine."

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Front Line Team

Our Facility Services team is dedicated to ensuring that your space is clean and well-maintained on a daily basis. In addition to day-to-day cleaning, we also offer maintenance and repairs, lawn care services, specialty cleaning, and project work to keep your facility clean, healthy and hygienic. Our team is committed to providing high-quality services that exceed your expectations.

Clean Hallway
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Front Line Cleaner
Floor Scrubber
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