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For many companies, the janitorial services cleaning contract is a budget line item that is renewed every year. You have to keep your business clean, right?

The commercial cleaning industry is very competitive so there may be another company out there that will do a better job and offer more value or just help to better streamline your business operations. It’s always a good idea to periodically review your contracted cleaning with your commercial cleaning vendor.

Complacency is real:

Commercial cleaners are like any other business. Sometimes, long-term clients tend to get less attention than the next shiny new thing. To remain successful, commercial cleaning businesses should add new clients, if not managed correctly,

this may negatively affect their existing customers. Complacency in the cleaning industry can bad for your business. If your cleaning company is taking you for granted or not spending enough time in your facility; it may make sense to consider other options. Your business may be able to get a better value and services.

Cleanliness drives customer loyalty, an ISSA Value of Clean Study shows that 92% of customers consider cleanliness an important factor when deciding to be a repeat customer.

Services – The Competitive Edge:

At A Sharper Image we want your business, and we won’t take you for granted once we get it. Our goal is to earn your business every day. Our team of experienced cleaners and operators are committed to providing your business with amazing facility services – cleaning, maintenance, and special services as well as outstanding customer service. We know we have a better product and we’re willing to prove it.

If it has been a while since you have reviewed your commercial cleaning contract, consider making a change to A Sharper Image. We offer better service and value at competitive prices so you can focus on your business.

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